Media Exchange

Media Exchange is the part of the company that provides managing solutions for video content. We develop, integrate and manage digital workflows and specialise in offering complex solutions for the archiving, digitalising, encoding / conversion and distribution of video content. Through these workflow solutions Media Exchange supplies Video On Demand content, among other things, to a large number of Dutch and Belgian households. In addition, Media Exchange supplies secure digitalisation and archiving solutions to media companies and businesses.

The United Media Exchange is capable of processing and delivering any file format. We have acquired extensive experience in digitalising and converting video content – both tape and file – to various SD, HD and 3D file formats.

Our clients are:

  • Media companies
  • Television producers
  • Businesses (profit and non-profit)
  • Content creators
  • Content owners / distributors

The United Media Exchange sees itself as a proactive partner that is always looking for the highest quality and most efficient services in cooperation with clients and suppliers. Our IT and video specialists are ready to help you produce top quality products.

Besides abovementioned services Media Exchange also offers the following services:

  • Making video archives future proof
  • Digitalisation of tape archives
  • 3D video processing and distribution
  • Video portals
  • Semi-automatic subtitling of video
  • Play out
  • Audio processing (Dolby 5.1, Dolby E etc.)

Our data centres are equipped in accordance with strict security requirements. Biometric security checks ensure only authorised persons are allowed to enter. Advanced cooling systems, fire extinguishing systems and a redundant power supply are a safeguard for contingencies.

Service comes first, which is why our services are designed with the client in mind. This includes the following tasks:

  • Dedicated traffic coordination
  • Encoding specialists
  • Media management
  • Strategic project management
  • Advanced automation of content processing processes
  • Advanced full service package in combination with the various divisions of United
  • Service management according to the strictest standards
  • In house software development

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